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For nearly 400 years (1558-1945), Hue used to be the capital of 9 Nguyen Dynasty’s Lords of the Đàng Trong (Inner Side) which was often referred to by missionaries in the 17th and 18th centuries as a country , then of Tay Son Dynasty and finally the capital of a united nation under the reign of 13 Emperors of the Nguyen Dynasty. Now, Hue Imperial City remains its tangible and intangible cultural values representing intelligence and souls of Vietnamese people. For many centuries, innumerable selected quintessence of the whole country has enriched Hue culture. That is the reason when talking about Hue, tourists often think of solemn monuments, palaces, tombs, and breathtakingly beautiful landscape that the nature offers this place.The most typical destination is an architectural complex of Hue Imperial City which can be comparable to thousand-year-old world wonders recognized by UNESCO. Nowadays, Hue has become a Festival city of Vietnam. Every two years, Hue people welcome this important event in an enjoyable and exciting atmosphere.

Itinerary in Detail
Day 1: Hue Tour (1 day)

Morning: Leaving the hotel for Toa Kham Boat Wharf, tourists take a boat ride on Huong River, admiring the surrounding landscape and listening to a historical story of Hue city and its poetic river. Then you visit a bronze casting village, one of the old-aged and famous craft of Vietnam, Linh Mu (Heaven Lady) Pagoda, and Mausoleum of Minh Mang Emperor’s with a complex of around 40 monuments.

Afternoon: Tourists continue to visit Hue Imperial City- a palace of 13 Nguyen Emperors together with The Mieu (a worship place of Nguyen Emperors), Royal Library, Thai Hoa Palace (the most significant place of the royal palace, used for Emperors’ official receptions and other important court ceremonies), Nine Dynastic Urns, Ngo Mon – a central gate to the palace. After the excursion to historic relics, tourists can go shopping at Dong Ba market.Evening: Enjoy Hue folk songs and admire Hue city by night.

Price and other Information

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Note: - Tour is organized for every type of tourists - Tour is provided all year round, except for days of heavy floods - Motorbike and bike tours are also organized.
What To Bring Items :
Inclusion: boat on river, transport, tour guide and one meal.
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