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The Thanh Toan bridge is one of the tourism attractions located in the rural area close to Hué City. The Thanh Toan tile-roofed bridge is located 8 kilometres south- east from Hue, in the beaufiful rice farming village of Thuy Thanh commune, Huong Thuy District. The bridge contains cultural and historical value and has been restored many times. In 1991, the bridge was accepted by the Ministry of Culture as a cultural remains. During the Hue’s Cultural Festival in 2000 tourism potential for the bridge was recognized. The “Chợ Quê Ngày Há»™i” (Rural market on festivity days) is a special rural excursion product that is organised by the villagers on occasion of Hue festivals and important festival events.

Itinerary in Detail
Day 1: Agricultural Life and Rural Market in Thanh Toan Tile-Roofed Bridge Village

Morning: Tourists are present at an agreed location, get a bike to the rural market-Thanh Toan bridge. Leaving the hustle and bustle of the city life behind, you ride a bike leisurely on a green shaded road. On either side of the road are verdant casuarinas trees, paddy fields, canals and pasturing buffalos. You can chat with kind-hearted rural people. Located among vast paddy rice fields and villages, Thanh Toan arched, covered wooden bridge is a highlight with an architectural feature “Thượng gia hạ kiều”(house above, bridge underneath) that you cannot miss. This is an ancient architectural structure of historical and cultural values, built in 1776.You can mix with rural market-days which offer a variety of rural products for sale such as Thuy Tan sticky rice, Thuy Duong rice wine, then common food such as Tay, U cakes, corn, lotus seed sweet soups etc and popular delicacies of Hue of sticky rice with braised pork, chopped lemongrass and pork, roasted sesame, Hue cakes. Lunch time: Have lunch with local dishes prepared by local people.

Afternoon: Visit a museum of agricultural tools. You can see objects on display such as ploughs, sickles, hoes, rice-hulling mills and pictures of wet rice civilizations. Besides, there are other exhibits to catch fish together with rattan and bamboo woven souvenir gifts. Leaving the rural market and Thanh Toan bridge to return to Hue and finish the journey.

Price and other Information

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Inclusion: Bike, tour guide, touring fee at Thanh Toan, cold drinks and facial tissues, caps and insurance.
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